U.N. Me

U.N. Me


As my time on Sid Bernstein Presents… approached its end, the producer-directors with whom I was working, Jason Ressler and Evan Strome, were approached through a mutual friend by a documentary neophyte who wanted to produce a film on the United Nations.   This was not too long after the Oil for Food scandal had been exposed and even though it had dominated the news for a short time, I felt there was a lot more lurking beneath the surface.   I took a meeting with this documentary newcomer, Ami Horowitz and from there we realized we could join forces on a great exposé of the failures of the United Nations.  I came on as co-writer-producer-director and U.N. Me was born.  After 3 years of filming and editing with some of the best documentary crew around, we were happy to premiere our film at IDFA 2009 where we received some great coverage.

The website:  http://www.unmemovie.com

View the trailer after the jump.

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