The 1315 Project – My Kickstarter Adventure Begins

1315 Project Kickstarter Image

BLOG: So about 40 minutes ago I took a big step in making live my Kickstarter page for my documentary telling the story of America’s War on Drugs. The title for the campaign is called the 1315 Project.  You can find it here.


I had initially wanted to launch in early September when the extended teaser trailer was mostly finished.  But then I ran into a problem.  I had to write about the film.  As anyone who has ever read a grant proposal from me can probably attest, I am bad at writing about films.  When I think about the film, I see it in my head.  When I go to put that into words other stuff comes out.  Bad stuff.  Stuff people read and say huh?

Nearly a month of mixing word salad followed.  I sent multiple versions and subsequent corrections to trusted friends, sometimes changing the structure so completely they were confused as to how they were supposed to compare it to previous versions.  Somehow I got through it.  And here we are, off to the races.


The project is now live with a fast approaching October 27th deadline.

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