Sid Bernstein Presents…

Sid Bernstein Rolling Stones Marquee


I worked for a few years in a support role on this project, during which time I was fortunate to meet and befriend Sid Bernstein.  Perhaps the warmest person I’ve ever met, this moving portrait does not do justice to the man’s kindness and humility.  Unfortunately, it was those same traits – the legendary traits which had enabled his rise in the music industry – that ultimately caused his downfall as the music industry transformed from a friendly handshake business into a big money corporatocracy.

As of this writing, the film has suffered repeated setbacks in the 10 year odyssey to see it fully completed. Aside from the usual cashflow issues that plague many documentary productions, the footage licensing for this project has become a nightmare in and of itself. More info on that hereUPDATE: I’ve taken on the task of attempting to raise the final $100K to push this film over the finish line.   More about that here.

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